One of the biggest suppliers on final products in blind and shutter systems in Turkey, Akseki Yapı has a large sales capacity in Turkey' s and in the international arena too.

AKSEKI creates its own brands; WHITE FORM for rolling shutters, WHITE STEP for tubular engine, due to increases on customer demand and companies growth trend.

Total area of our rolling shutters facility is 8000 sqm. Closed area of this total area is 6500 sqm. We have capability to bend aluminium box by aluminiumpress brakemachine.

White Form Window rolling shutter systems meet all demands of montage companies and manufacturers. Our customer can reach their demands for rolling shutter slats with our White Form, tubular engines with our White Step. In our facility, we can produce 39 mm, 55 mm, 77 mm and 95 mm aluminium rolling shutter slats.

At our plant, slats, which are produced by our integrated rollform machine, and rolling shutters accessories are assembled and produces rolling shutter systems ready for montage.

In our factory, there are production and storage areas approximately 3.500 m2.