Our pvc factory, is located in Izmir Menderes covering total an area of 3.500 m2 and working total

Pvc department, has a special software used both within the company and its customers. This software contains two units including sales and production.

Sell: Thanks to the online software infrastructure that we put into service of  our dealers they can offer to their customers and at the same time with this special software as online can send their productions. 

Production: all sizes, profile identity, delivery date and products customer reference numbers are noticed in system. According to these data, production manager should arrange production process and send to machining center.

We have 1500 sqm warehouse, in where stored PVC profiles, accessories and support products.

PVC window and door production line has sections for welding of 4 corners PVC profiels and cleaning of weldings marks; addition to these sections, profile machining and cutting centers, which have flexible programm for optimization.

At the same time together with a digital measuring system that gauges glass sticks as digital there is also saw cuttingautomatically glass sticks.